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Important Notice From U.S Department of State
April 24, 2016
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Post adoption monitoring visit

Post Adoption Monitoring Visit And Peer Review Engagement On Adoption Systems And Procedures For The Nigeria-USA/Canadian Adoption Programs

MHCF working with its partners Catholic Charities (USA) and Family By Adoption (Canada) organized the ongoing tour to the United States and Canada respectively. The purpose of the tour was to enable the First Lady of Lagos State and a cross section of top officials from the Ministry of Youth and Social Development to Assess the benefits of the adoption program in both countries, observe the conditions of the adopted children, provide a network/bonding opportunity amongst the adopted children (and their families) for exchange of experiences which is necessary to preserve and understand their cultural values and identities.

The tour was also an opportunity for the delegation as a Local Adoption Authority to interact with their counterparts in the US State Department and the Ontario Ministry for Youth Services. Some of the expectations for this forum are

  1. To provide an opportunity for rendering mutual feedback about the adoption program so far.
  2. Brainstorm on ways to make the program more accessible for non-Nigerian Americans
  3. As a Hague Accredited Provider, It is an opportunity to observe first hand, how specific convention standards and principles are utilized in the United States, and its appropriateness in the Nigerian program.

Standardizing the Post Adoption Reporting formats and terms for Monitoring visit.

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