People are faced with different challenges every day, especially children. However, sometimes there can be a gap between the service providers and the people who need the services. This is why advocacy is very important. Our staffs have frequent contact with schools, community leaders, Children’s Aid, probation officers, counselors, police, and health professionals.

In line with our vision, we seek to promote a Nigeria that fully domesticates the universal set standards and principles for survival, development, protection, and participation of children as enshrined in the 1989 United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

We also Promote community initiatives and correctional programs that will rehabilitate street kids, child laborers, child witches and other indigent children in the society as well as to promote legislation that will improve/protect the rights of the child and standardize adoption processes across the nation.

MHCF is committed to launching several community development projects. The aim is to bridge the gap between socially-conscious investors and impactful community investment opportunities. MHCF hopes to sensitize and enlighten through community-based campaigns on the enumerated pain areas of the Nigerian Child with our various initiatives.

We embark on various forms of projects to improve the living condition of institutionalized children at different orphanages across the nation through renewals, reconstruction, renovation, furnishing, building and construction of facilities/infrastructure. MHCF makes education a priority by encouraging the less privileged children with our back to school program, getting scholarships, raising funds for educational programs and increase access to education for the less privileged children.

MHCF’S health initiative seeks to bring awareness and consciousness to the importance of health and safety in our environment and it is in accordance with the UN Convention of Child Rights which recognizes the right of the child to the best health care possible, safe environment, and the right to play and rest.