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Important Notice From U.S Department of State
April 24, 2016
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August 25, 2018
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2016 Adoption Conference
The conference themed “Opening the Lines of Communication in Adoption”, was held in June of 2016. This event brought together stakeholders in the adoption space in Lagos State; including senior officials from the Lagos State MYSD and Judiciary, the US Vice-Consul, Orphanage owners/care givers, adoption agencies and representatives of Catholic Charities of Baltimore.

The forum was organized to provide an opportunity for cross interaction and experience sharing amongst participants; disclosure of emerging laws and procedures affecting adoption generally, and standardization of the Nigeria-US adoption program etc.

The conclusion of this conference raised a number of action points and outcomes that impacted the intercountry adoption space significantly.

For example, the de-emphasis of the 3 months bonding requirement, amendment of clauses in the CRL of Lagos State that now allows adoptions by non-Nigerian Americans (a condition highlighted by the US Vice Consul), and there are now strides to review the provision in the Child Rights Law that compels pre-adopters to a one-year waiting/notice period.



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